Are there any additional fees such as customs and VAT when buying from Rav Vast Partner Germany?

All prices on this homepage for buyers within the EU are final prices (plus shipping, except self-collection). Customs and VAT on imports from Russia to Germany have already been paid by Rav Vast Partner Germany.

What is the difference between Rav Vast and Rav Vast 2?

The difference lies in the thickness of the steel. Rav Vast is made of 1.5mm steel and Rav Vast 2 of 2mm steel. The Rav Vast 2 is not an improvement of Rav Vast. Due to the thicker steel Rav Vast 2 are only a little louder.

What is the best scale for me?

The mood is a matter of taste. Some scales/tunes sound happy, others rather melancholic. You can listen to some videos on YouTube. If you can’t decide, you are welcome to try out the scales we have in stock. Please contact us to make an appointment (info@rav-vast.de)

How long does it take to receive my instrument?

The delivery time is 3-4 working days after receipt of payment.

All drums are coated with a hydrophobic material to prevent rust. But anything can happen and rust on your RAV would be really unfortunate. What can you do to prevent this and keep your drum clean and shiny?

First and foremost: do not always keep the instrument in your bag/backpack. If you store the RAV Vast permanently in a bag/backpack, moisture can accumulate inside. Another basic rule: keep your hands clean while playing! And don’t play with the RAV Vast in the laundry room or in a sauna (all rooms with high humidity). There are also some videos in which people play a hand pan in the pool, we strongly advise against this!

And of course the drum needs care from time to time. Froglube works best. We recommend applying them once or twice a month to the instrument, on top and bottom. Apply a small amount over the entire drum, making sure you do not leave out any tongues or edges.

Besides Froglube you can also use Vaseline Oil, Ballistol or Phoenix Handpan Oil. It’s best to try out what works best for you. Here, too, the experts’ opinions differ.

But what to do if the rust has already hit the RAV Vast? Don’t panic. Simply wipe with 99.9% alcohol, then apply one of the oils and continue.

What are the dimensions of Rav Vast and Rav Vast 2?

Rav Vast:
1.5 mm steel
Diameter: 51cm
Weight: 4.9 kg

Rav Vast 2:
2mm steel
Diameter: 51cm
Weight: 5.9 kg