RAV Vast Drum

The RAV Vast (Drum) takes everybody by surprise. It is a discovery to everyone who finds it. The RAV Drum has a meditative, hypnotic and tranquil sound.

Among all drums and handpans, it is the only drum that has a complete harmony of 4-7 tones on each tongue. Thanks to a patented secret, its sound is as rich as some of the most popular and in-demand instruments.

Why RAV Vast?


Compared to conventional handpans, RAV Vast instruments cannot be detuned. With proper care, they last a lifetime.

Easy to Play.

RAV Vast instruments resonate much longer than standard handpans and are therefore easier to play for beginners, but are also suitable for professional musicians.


RAV Vast instruments cost about 1/3 of a standard handpan and are therefore affordable for almost everyone.

Nine magical tunes of RAV Vast

The RAV Vast has a large Ding as well as 8 tongues in a circle. The Ding has up to 7 tuned tones. Tongues in the circle each have 4-5 tuned tones. That is why the RAV Vast has the greatest range and most harmonious sound among all similar drums in the world.

We offer 9 different tunings. All of the tones in one tuning are selected in such a way that it is impossible to make a mistake. RAV Vast tongues are extremely sensitive and getting started takes only minutes. The loudness of a RAV Vast is the same as any handpan and is easily loud enough to play in the open air.


RAV Vast

RAV Vast 2

RAV Vast Special Edition



Über RAV Vast Handpans

RAV Vast Handpans werden seit 2013 von Andrey Remyannikov in Perm/Russland entwickelt und produziert. Er wurde von den bekannten Hang Drums inspiriert, konnte sich damals jedoch aufgrund der hohen Preise selbst keine leisten. Also entschied er sich ein eigenes Instrument zu entwickeln und es zu einem kostengünstigeren Preis vielen Menschen weltweit verfügbar zu machen. Inzwischen hat er über 2.500 Instrumente in 45 Ländern verkauft und beschäftigt ein hochprofessionelles Team aus Entwicklern und Sound-Engineers.